Friday, August 8, 2008

This Whole Paris Hilton/John McCain Thing Has Gone WAY Too Far!

You have got to be kidding me! Apparently, in wake of the ridiculous spoof that Paris Hilton did to mock John McCain's ad campaign commercial, the slutty heiress is now creating "Paris for President" T-Shirts. The skank-soaked tees will be sold at Kitson, naturally.

This is so dumb. Seriously, I watched that original ad campaign that McCain aired. It had images of Hilton and Britney Spears for a whopping .5 milliseconds. In fact, I missed their "appearance" the first time I watched. Not to mention, they are placed in the ad at the time McCain says the words, "most famous person in the world." So it's not even an insult to the two girls. But being the publicity-whore--and just plain whore in general--Hilton of course had to make a HUGE deal about it--even going so far as to have her mother Kathy write a ranting blog on Huffington Post. Like really? Seriously? Who the eff cares? Wouldn't you idiots be flattered that your candidate of choice used you in one of his campaigns? It's not like you heard anything out of the mouths of Spears or her camp. Because in the big scheme of things, who the eff cares?!

Not to mention, who on Earth--especially in LA--is actually going to walk around donning something that says "Paris for President" ? Give me a break!

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