Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ohio Man Nickel and Dimes His Way to New Car

70-year-old James Jones may be a cheap man who saves every item of change that comes in his direction, but his not-so-little collection has, in fact, paid for half of his new car.

Showing up at a Chevrolet dealership in a suburb of Cincinnati with 16 coffee tins full of coins, employees of the vehicle retailer had to count the money, discovering 90 minutes later that there was a total of $8000 in change.

James' son Dennis told reporters that his penny-pinching father has always paid for things with coins and that he’s most amazed that his father actually decided to replace his 1981 pickup--which most likely stemmed from him being struck when the truck's parking brake failed last year, putting him in a hospital.

Jones and his wife paid for the remaining $8000 balance of the truck with a check.

Wonder how long it took the couple to save all that change. Should I start on my coin collection today?

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