Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Hero Shannen Graces This Week's Cover of UsWeekly!!!

Janice Min's famed celeb tabloid took a break from the Speidi sagas and finally decided to place an icon on it's cover!!! I have nothing more to say except that I want to murder the new 90210, but I am thrilled that at least it's giving my idol Shannen Doherty the exposure she still deserves. I am the hugest 90210 fan on the planet and I always will be. Nobody loves her/Brenda more than myself, and I proudly and confidently state this.

Shannen's probably pissed that she has to share a cover with a newbie like Carrie Underwood. [snooze]. Shannen should have been granted the entire cover. Nobody in the world is worth sharing the Goddess of television's space!--well, except maybe Jason Priestley. He's kinda the effing sh*t!

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