Thursday, August 28, 2008

Solange Knowles is Kinda a Diva Bitch

The lesser-known of the Knowles sister duo made an appearance on a Las Vegas Fox channel to talk about I guess her album or something. And naturally, the producers of the show planned to ask her about Jay-Z selling his Vegas club 40/40. I don't see this being a particularly juicy question. It's not like it's related to some scandal. She could have given some B.S. answer. Give these journalists a break for doing their freakin job! But instead, she gets all defensive on the reporter who happened to appear confused. Watch as Solange calls the station out for introducing her on TV in such an "unprofessional" manner, and the producer tells her that the question about Jay-Z didn't even appear on air.

But, like everything these days, celebs always gotta fire back. So after you watch the vid above, you can view Knowles' personal video response in which she defends the situation and explains why she did what she did. Gawd, really? 

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