Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Couture Ruined in the Process of Britney's First Magazine Interview in Two Years

Looks like Spearsy's talkin again--and not in a British accent. OK! magazine (you know, the pub that officiated the singer's meltdown after she conducted an interview with them a ways back, in which she ruined 2 of the couture gowns they provided for her photo shoot) has landed the sorta-reformed trainwreck's first magazine interview since the one they tried to conduct with her two years ago.

And when you're on as many anti-depressants and sedatives as Spears, you can only expect a boring, by-the-book Q & A. Yeah, the preview of this interview makes a copy of National Geographic's "Panda of the Year" issue look mighty juicy. Jamie Spears offers some interesting words about the new life he has with his daughter, but that's about it. This is very dry and G-rated. And of course the adorable photos of my favorite celebuspawns Sean Preston and Jayden James provide a worthwhile touch.

Issue is on newsstands today. Be sure to pick up your boring copy.

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