Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some Skanks Will Never Learn

Who in hell's name let Audrina Patridge walk out of the house looking like that (see above)? Awhile back, I posted a different photo of Audrina's spaced-apart breasts looking like shit. But this one surely tops 'em all! There's a lil sumthin called "proportion," Ms. Patridge. When you are size 00, you should not be trying to sport them DD's. And even moreso, you should not be trying to fit them DDs into an XS bikini top. This oblivious ho needs to get her boobs redone. They don't look good, sweetie!

Ugh, I need to finish this post and publish it, because the longer I am forced to look at this gawd-awful photo, the more angry I am increasingly getting by the minute!

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Anonymous said...

haha, need i say more.

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