Monday, August 4, 2008

Would You Wear This Shit? Didn't Think So, Neither Would We!

Apparently Lauren Conrad still hasn’t received the memo: Her clothing line blows. People aren’t buying it, it gets terrible reviews, and it was just dropped from Kitson. But yet the FIDM student still for some reason has hope for this failing label of hers.

Her newest collection, La Vie en Rose (so original) looks exactly like the items in her other collections, just tackier. We understand LC is busy filming The Hills, posing for various photo shoots, and hitting up massive clubs and red carpets. But if she doesn’t have the time to really put forth effort into these cheap and humiliating designs, she is better off backing out of designing altogether—at least for now. Everytime she releases a new collection, the designs just keep getting worse and worse. Doesn’t make sense. She has such great style, why can’t she make her style for sale work?

And then to top it off, she tries to insult her potential consumers’ wallets by continuing to sell these Wet Seal-inspired mishaps for prices far higher than even close to their worth. I just don’t know what to say. How can such a fashionista walk out of the house knowing her shit sucks?! And still have the nerve to sell it seemingly confidently?

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