Monday, August 18, 2008

I Think I've Already Overdosed And I've Only Listened Half-Way Through

Remember when I suggested Heidi Montag give peace a chance, following the release of her previous single "Fashion" ? Well, she apparently didn't listen. She yet again decided to take to the studio...err...her record another song. And this one is bad. Oh wait, duh. And she tries to throw in a little T-Pain-inspired voicebox vocals (because her voice alone is so terrible). This song is called "Overdosin'" and it's about "Overdosing" on her love for Spencer Pratt. And the funniest part of all? I think she actually takes herself seriously. I still think they need to bring Spence back in for a rapping cameo like on "Body Language." I really think he has potential to become the next big thang on the White hip-hop scene like Eminem or Paul Wall.

Anyway, take a listen, and sound off in the comments about what you think. Sadly, this terrible song isn't even Montag's worst. Poor thing.

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