Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Speidi Siblings Need a Lesson in Loyalty

We know the success of The Hills and it's stars rides solely on publicity stunt after publicity stunt, because these seemingly exciting characters can't create dramz naturally, but where is the line drawn? 

In the most recent paparazzi-friendly meet-up, Lauren Conrad giggled over a sandwich with none other than Heidi Montag's sister, Holly. Yeah, what? And of course, this follows Conrad's recent BFF-ship with Stephanie Pratt, the sister of Conrad's mortal enemy Spencer

I'll get to Holly's buck teeth and cankles (I cropped her cankles from the photo out of courtesy to save her from embarrasment) later, but in the meantime, this situation means one of two things:

Either Montag and Pratt have some pretty poor relationships with their siblings--so much so that they choose to publically gather with their siblings' enemy--OR--the openly honest famewhores Speidi are so eager for more publicity that they will sacrifice their integrity by having their siblings chill with their so-called enemy just so it will be one more thing the media can talk speculate.

So pathetic either way!

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