Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shannen Doherty: Just Grateful to Be Recognized

Shannen Doherty
, the actress...err...I mean Goddess, who is about to reprise her role as Brenda Walsh on the new 90210, is singing a much friendlier tune these days than the one she sang back in the day before she got fired from not one--but two of Aaron Spelling's TV shows.

I'm happy to see my favorite actress in the universe in much less cat-fighty-ish spirits, but I have to admit, I think she's just stoked to be approached by the paps, following a little incident at the LAPD, in which apparently, the cops had no idea who she was!

Silly policemen, all you need to do is open a dictionary and look up the term "praiseworthy."

Check out Shannen's explanation of the occurrence here!


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