Monday, August 25, 2008

Same Sex Marriage is "Not Only Unhealthy, But it is Illegal in 48 States"

In wake of last week's news that Hallmark has very appropriately created four same-sex-themed cards for sale, the pathetic and rigid minds at the American Family Association want to remind the greeting card company that same-sex marriage is illegal in 48 states, stating that the lifestyle is "unhealthy" and "promoting same-sex marriage for profit is not the very best for families or our nation." 

Well, unfortunately for the right-wing Christian Fundamentalists who run and/or support the AFA, the two states that do allow gay/lesbian marriages are doing extremely well for themselves. So despite the coalition's warning/reminder, it's pretty safe to say that Hallmark will be just fine with it's very money-minded, innovative and liberal decision.

And anyone else who has a problem with this can eff off!

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