Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Sad Story About the Lauren Conrad Collection

You know how Michael K. has his infatuation with Shauna Sand and Phoebe Price? And how Perez loves him some Orange Oprah? Well, I guess you can put me on those levels when it comes to the Lauren Conrad Collection. I'm obssessed with it's atrociousness. The plot just keeps on thickening.

Apparently, the alleged "clothing designer" made an appearance at Bloomingdales in Century City last Thursday, and said the following to describe one of her pieces:

"This one's a little more nighttime. Again, it's a mini, it's that asymmetrical look that is in for this fall. Um, um. That's it [points to model]."

Anyway, my words can only say so much. Check out this vid for the live scoop!

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