Friday, July 11, 2008

Lindsay Lohan's Legging Line: And You Thought Spanx Were Expensive!

We can already smell the aroma of failure in the air, as yet another celeb takes a stab at their own overpriced apparel line. Star of the hour: Lindsay Lohan. Her line of leg-covering material (pictured above) ranges up to the mid-hundreds per item! You have GOT to be kidding me! I remember when I thought shelling out a whopping $40 for each pair of my Nordstrom-friendly Spanx was a hefty spend. Good heavens, Lilo's damn leggings are probably worth more than the girl's John Hancock, for crying out loud. Who does Lindsay think she is? P. Diddy? As much as the mogul bugs me, I have to admit that his line, Sean John, is the *only* celeb clothing line I take seriously. It's been around forever, and it has truly branded a name for itself in reputable lines of fashion. And so if Sean John wants to be expensive, it surely can. As for me and leggings, I'm stickin to my $40 leg decor, thank you very much!

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