Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Snoop Dogg: Jews Got a Lil Gangsta n 'Em

I swear it's in our blood or something. But we Jews love us some hip-hop. It's funny, because the non-Jews who have witnessed me getting all passionate about my urban music always find it quite funny. But if you think about it, look at two of the biggest Hip-Hop producers/most respected folk in the game: Scott Storch & JR Rotem--both of whom are white, Jewish males.

Anyway, Snoop Dogg told Esquire magazine:

"I performed at a Bar Mitzvah. And I’m telling you, man, these little motherfuckers, they were singing my shit, they was cussin’, they were singing the dirty version. I’m talking about twelve- and thirteen-year-old little white kids singin’ this real gangsta shit. Man. I was shocked. I just gave them the mic and let them motherfuckers go."

What can I say? We catch on early. :-)

Speaking of learning the words to cuss-induced Snoop songs at an early age, I think "Ain't No Fun" was the very first rap song in which I memorized every single word. And yeah, I was pretty young. I can't recall if people hearing me rap that jam were impressed--or appalled. Either way, I love hearing Snoop talk about this experience.

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