Monday, July 21, 2008

SP to Brit: I Wanna Smoke Tooooo!

Kids grow up so quickly. Adorable Sean Preston is already eager to light up, as he twirls that pink lighter in his cute little hands. All he needs is one of mommy's cigarettes. Yup, Britney and her crusty extensions were in a bikini yet again, and the golden-haired beauty smoked away as her toddler stood by, anxiously wanting to follow in his role model mother's footsteps.

It's krayzie to think about how good the improved-but-still-trainwreck Spears looked at Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey's Autism Charity Event on Saturday. But here she is--back to her normal classless self. She's like Cinderella--once the clock struck midnight, all of the hard styling/makeup work disappeared and poor ol' Brit turned back into her nasty-ass self.

UPDATE: The New York Post did a whole editorial on this photo, elaborating on Britney's horrible influence on her children. It's very interesting and I couldn't agree more!

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