Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hell Has Frozen Over : Shannen Doherty May Actually Be Joining 90210 Spin-off Cast

Shannen Doherty

The unthinkable may very well be happening. Shannen Doherty may be headed back to the Hills. Beverly Hills, that is. (AKA the Hills that existed long before LC and cohorts even graduated elementary school). That’s correct. Brenda Walsh’s legendary character may be reprised. I never thought she’d go for it—heck, I never even thought she’d get asked. But, according to sources, depending on the storyline and the dollar sum, the tabloid queen of the ‘90s just might grace TV screens more than 10 years after the demise of her role.

Doherty was the reigning queen of primetime drama—and real life drama. Regardless of the immense popularity of her 90210 role, the actress was booted off the show due to differences she shared with her cast and crew—most notably Jennie Garth.

In her 2007 memoir So NoTORIous, Tori Spelling wrote of Doherty and Garth: "Sometimes they got along, but there were explosions. Once they got into a fistfight."

Despite an unresolved past, Garth stated a few weeks ago, “If Shannen comes to do the show... Excellent. The fans would love it. I'm a big girl. I can handle anything."

In other 90210 spin-off news, a source spotted the set of The Peach Pit being put together this morning on the cross streets of Beverly Blvd & Martel Ave in Los Angeles at a restaurant called Kokomo (perhaps something to go check out?)

So it looks like this spin-off is going full-force: same high school, some of the same characters, and now—even The Peach Pit is being reborn. I promised myself I wouldn’t dare watch such an atrocity unless Brenda came back. But it appears those far-fetched dreams are a lot closer to reality than I ever thought. Do I now actually have to give it a go? I still have something in my heart telling me there’s no way I can sit there and watch a spin-off that doesn’t even have any of the same writers/creators/producers as the original show. And as stated in previous posts of mine, the spin-off is on an entirely different channel, for crying out loud!

I dunno, we’ll see. I’m sure the spin-off will be far juicier than the original (because now-a-days, everything has to be especially scandalous. Morals clearly do not make for good television), but juicy-ness doesn’t necessarily matter to me. The original 90210 was truly the greatest addition to my life. Words cannot express how much that show means to me. I honestly think I had to have been amongst the top 10 fans on the planet. I ate, slept, and breathed that show. Secret confession: I even almost submitted my college admissions letter about the damn show! No lie! I had the whole thing written out, and it was great! But then I realized it probably wasn’t what the admissions department was looking for.

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