Monday, July 21, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Proves She's No Lauren Conrad

LC may not have a stint at rehab on her resume, but I wouldn’t exactly say she has “successful clothing designer” linked to her either. Don’t get me wrong, I think LC has incredible style and is absolutely gorgeous, but it looks like the timing of Kitson dropping her Lauren Conrad Collection couldn’t have been worse, as it coincides with the surprising success of Lindsay Lohan’s similarly overpriced celebrity line. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I did not expect sales from Lohan’s “6162 Collection” to soar, but apparently they are already sold-out out at trendy L.A. women’s boutique Intuition—a store that formerly housed the likes of other celeb lines including LC’s, Mandy Moore’s and so forth.

"Everybody loves to wear leggings, and everybody wants a piece of Hollywood. Lindsay is Hollywood," Intuition owner Jaye Hersh tells E! News.

I’m not sure what would make an overpriced leggings line sell like crazy, over an overpriced full line like LC’s for instance. Maybe people are intrigued by the mystique of Lilo. Who knows? But it will be interesting to see for how long the line stays hot. Do you think this line will continue to rise, or do you think it will be a fad like most other celebrity clothing lines?

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