Thursday, July 10, 2008


Note to world: I turned "the big 2-5" yesterday! Yup, pretty darn exciting, eh?? Anyway, I couldn't have spent the special day doing anything better, nor with anyone better. And not to mention, the delight of having an amaaaazing cake (see above), courtesy of Carvel Incorporated and my dear, dear friends Sheryl Thompson and Diane Shook.

My day was fantastic! It all began the night prior, as my ever-fabulous family from NY/Boston came all the way to Hollywood to visit their faaavorite relative! My fam booked us a beautiful suite (pics to come later) at the Chamberlain Hotel, a very elegant and chi-chi boutique hotel in the heart of WeHo. The night was fabulous. We dined, we wined, and I am so used to waking up early, that I couldn't even bring myself to sleep in! (HAHA). The following morning (the actual day of my bday) was spent at the rooftop pool of the establishment. My fam and I chilled in the little cabana area and we all ordered a phenomenal breakfast, followed by some delish Mojitos pour moi. ;-) Breakfast consisted of phone calls, laughter--and one of my Aunt Patti's endless stories about nothing (gotta love relatives!--Jewish ones at that!).

Following our fantastic morning delight, we went back to our suite and packed our bags. Then we got in the car, and drove around town, checking out various places. After our errands/driving, a day in Hollywood with special visitors would NOT be complete without a stop at Mashti Malone's, the greatest ice cream shoppe in the entire city.

After enjoying a marvelous helping of exotic ice cream flavors--and toppings du jour--we headed back to my pad and I took my cousin Mollie on a surprise adventure. My darling--albeit white-as-Lindsay-Lohan--cousin was in some major need of a tan. I knew this beforehand, so I took it upon myself to book her a special airbrushing appointment over at Sunset Tan. She was stoked.

She looked fab afterward, and then we rushed home to get ready for our dinner reservations at one of my favorite restaurants in H-wood, Katsuya. Dinner could *not* have been better! The food was awesome as always, and same thing went for the service. Not to mention, it was great to have the opportunity for my out-of-town fam to experience a taste of my Hollywood lifestyle. And they *loved* it!

As if my day could not have been more perfect, to top it off, my dearest friends Sheryl Thompson, Diane Shook and Cyndi Ruth joined me and my lil cuz Mollie Krentzman at my apartment to continue the celebration of the bday festivities. It was so special to have them there. In typical Thompson/Shook fashion, the ladies brought over a plethora of champagne, a Carvel ice cream cake (just like I love), and snacks as well. And poor Sheryl had work this morning at 5am, and still managed to stay at *my* place till midnight (and had to drive to OC afterward). Talk about a friend! And poor Cyndi was coming down with something. She could barely speak. But she still managed to drive all the way over here from Hermosa, and stay for a bit. We had a blast. I love my friends and fam.

Anyway, I just had to post about such a wonderful day/evening/week. Could *not* have been better!!! I am excited about being 25, and looking forward to what this chapter of my life holds in store.


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