Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kitson is So Over the Lauren Conrad Collection

It was just announced that Robertson Blvd. hotspot Kitson has taken the lavish Lauren Conrad Collection off of it’s shelves. "Sales were lackluster," Kitson owner Fraser Ross told New York Magazine.

Am I surprised? Absolutely! I’m surprised as hell that the clothing retailer even carried the highly disregarded line in the first place! The LCC, which was infamously known for being cheap-looking, plain and overpriced, somehow landed on a few hangers at the trendy L.A. boutique earlier this year.

Unfortunately for Conrad, however, no new designs of hers will be featured at Kitson—and any of her unsold designs which still remain in the hands of the company I have sadly witnessed being moved over to the store’s outlet—placed a few rows down from cheapened, unsold copies of sTORI TELLING.

Hmm, I wonder if Conrad will make a move for Forever 21 to compete with Heidi Montag’s stab @ Anchor Blue. At least Conrad’s line will fit in with the store’s quality this time!

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