Thursday, June 5, 2008

Whitney Port Sports the Only Decent Item in the Lauren Conrad Collection

It's old news by now that...well...LC's "clothing line" sucks. It's been hated on by some of the most influential fashion sites and connoisseurs. And aside from that, it's no secret to anyone with a pair of working eyes that the collection blows. It looks cheap, it's plain and it really didn't take any mastermind to work this line out--Not to mention she named all of the pieces after her friends, and even named one of her collections after her former favorite club (Les Deux). If this is what becomes of FIDM grads (or current FIDM students, as is in her case), then I'd just stick to reading, writing and arithmetic in a normal 4-year university, or just give up on the whole schooling idea altogether.

Luckily, however, one friend in LC's here today, gone tomorrow bunch managed to stay on the "designer's" good side for a long enough amount of time to have the only semi-stylish piece in the LCC named after her! Whitney Port, Lauren's co-working, drama-free P.I.C. looked smashing in this "Whit Dress" ($155), which is a part of Lauren's latest line, Beach Butterfly. But don't rush to Robertson Blvd just yet, folks, as this "Whit Dress" is the only worthy item in the load. I'll take my credit card to Mervyns, thanks.

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