Friday, June 13, 2008

Blog Talk

At this point—being the blog connoisseur I am—I’ve come to realize that if I haven’t already seen it, it probably isn’t worth seeing.

This morning I decided to venture out of Google Reader to see what some of the blogs I do not read regularly have to offer. You see, I was scurrying around Google Reader (naturally) and my *favorite* blogsite Gawker linked to this Vanity Fair blog matrix (pictured above). I decided to take a gander, and check the pictogram out. This led me to an array of previously unseen bloggage, and from those sites, more unseen bloggage. And to my dismay, none of which were the least bit appealing. So I have therefore decided that I am just going to stick to the 50-some-odd blogs I have in my Google Reader because those are the absolute best.

And even though I have many of my favorite sites listed to the right of this webpage, I shall mention them (and others) anyway—the ABSOLUTE best: Gawker (as aforementioned), Defamer, Jezebel, Radar, Dlisted, Jossip, Bossip. Those are my favs. I enjoy them because they combine entertainment, politics and pop culture—quite similarly to The Platinum Pen. I do not care for the sites which are *entirely* entertainment-based. Well, no. I shouldn’t say I don’t care for them—because quite frankly, I read them regularly and I, in fact, am employed with one of them; however, I guess I just find that they get a little too redundant. They all say the same thing. Blah blah. I mean each of them serves their purpose, but I have different takes on a few. (will explain).

TMZ: It was super funny/fun to read for quite some time. Kinda over it now. It actually kind of bores me, in fact. And although I give them credit for exclusivity and specializing in their stalkerazzi videos, the videos are usually of some celebrity walking out of a club, mobbed by photogs, not answering any questions and getting into their car. That shit gets old after awhile. But on the rare occasion they post their videos of worth, I do indeed enjoy watching.

E! Online: The website for the E! Network has a ton of cool stuff. A good source if you're looking for actual celeb NEWS (not just gossipy stuff). Long, journalistic, informative news items to be found. Also, celeb gossip columnist Marc Malkin does an excellent job of getting tons of exclusive dirt for the site. The videos on the site are cool as well. They are actual news pieces put together with all sorts of footage and hosts.

DListed: Rarely has any exclusive info—just bootlegged info taken from other sites. Could be deemed as redundant, but because Michael K. is a comical genius, I will gladly read his redundant info any day! I even got my mom turned on to this site. It’s quite funny. P.S. not to mention that K. is a 90210 fuh-reak like myself. (also check out Yeeeah!. Similar to Dlisted, but less postings per day)

Perez Hilton: half recycling and half original material. Can be funny at times. The photo captions and drawings (via microsoft Paint) are the best part of the site.

Page Six: One of the best celebrity gossip blogs on the net. As a column (and blog) out of the New York Times, the gossip on this site is a) NEVER recycled. It's all original material, and b) It's a very dependable source.

Just Jared: Very factual—not edgy or opinion-based. But good photos—and always a ton of them. JJ could be deemed as “boring,” but I am not *bothered* by this site necessarily.

X17: I used to actually really enjoy this site. And now I have no idea why. It bores the heck outta me. Like JJ, they do put out a bunch of good exclusive photos. And occasionally they do get a few exclusive tidbits of gossip here and there. BUT… their obsession and loyalty to Britney Spears is tiresome—and their commentary in general is lame. Definitely nothing exciting here except the photos (and good vids on their X17Video site)

In Case You Didn’t Know (ICYDK): Appropriately titled. Always provides the celeb 411 like 24hrs *after* the info is originally released and posted on every other entertainment site on the web.

Defamer, Jezebel, Radar, Jossip: Always clever, always interesting, always thought-provoking. I find myself becoming worldlier and more informed by reading these sites. They are great because I do not need to read TIME or any of those small-print newsy pubs to understand what’s going on in the universe—politically and popularly.

Oh, and if celeb booby pics are your forte, Drunken Stepfather (I just like saying the name) and Hollywood Tuna are boss!

PopSugar, Pink Is the New Blog, A Socialite’s Life: Good & informative, but same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Just different spins on the same entertainment stories.

And lastly, for the Angeleno in you, LAist is my favorite LA site. No celeb gossip/news here, just straight up LA stuff. It's pretty informative and hip.

I would certainly be interested to know what sites *you*, my readers, visit. Any good ones I missed? I know I did not mention all the entertainment-based sites or blogs in general, so fill me in if there is one you know of that kicks some serious bootay!

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