Sunday, June 1, 2008

Procrastination is My Biggest Enemy Right Now

FYI my last few posts have been made via my blackberry, which is why there have not been any accom
Panying photos. Sorry. Ill make updates the next time I'm at an actual 'puter.

But anyway, here I am in my apt w out a computer (mine's getting fixed) and I have no obligations. I should totally be cleaning. Like crazy. I don't think many of you have seen my room. Well it's a tornadic disaster. I probably have more clothes than anyone in the world. Well no Jk. But trust me, I have a LOT. Which a am grateful, believe me, but it makes it extemely difficult to stay organized. I just feel like laying in bed and chilling all day. Why though? Why can't I just get up and bring myself to clean?! It's not like there's anything stopping me except motivation. What do you think? How does one motivate themself to clean his or her room? Guess ya just gotta do it. Argh!

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