Thursday, June 19, 2008

Styrofoam For Dessert, Anyone?

With gas prices sky-rocketing, the economy pretty much sucking, and with all of the other general expenses of life, wedding cake seems like such an unnecessary $1000 bucks, doesn’t it? Well, of course it does if you are not getting married any time soon. But if you have a wedding in the works, the cake is obviously a staple of the reception. But with all of the other wedding necessities that cost money, that extra grand for a frosting-decorated dessert can seem just a bit much.

That’s where Stephanie Chavez comes in. Chavez owns a business in Upland, CA, called “Fake the Cake,” in which the soon-to-be-wed can save a few hundred bucks by purchasing Styrofoam cakes priced up to $250 a pop. Sounds kinda interesting, right? Well, apparently Chavez also sells real cake, but much-less-decorated (and at a much-less-expensive cost), in which is supposed to be cut “behind the scenes,” and then served in place of the beautifully-designed Styrofoam placement, unknowingly to guests. Following the extravaganza, the couple then returns the faux-treat to Chavez.

Chavez can be contacted at 909-418-8421

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