Thursday, June 19, 2008

Burger King: A Place For the Fine-Dining Elite?

Yesterday, I didn’t even know Burger King still existed. Today, I come to discover that the fast-food chain just entered the Guinness Book of World Records because of it’s newly introduced menu item called, “The Burger.” I guess there’s no explanation needed, as the title must speak for itself—or if not, you can be sure the price does. Listed at a whopping £95—which is equivalent to around $150.00, for all you Americans—“The Burger” is said to be created with, “the world's most succulent Japanese beef, complemented with white truffles, onion tempura prepared in Cristal champagne and Italy's finest Pata Negra prosciutto.”

Let’s be honest, priced at $150.00 or not, if people want to spend the big bucks on a burger for crying out loud, it’s probably not going to be at BK. I’d still take a $2 In-N-Out burger any day before stepping into a Burger King.

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