Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Cocky Usher Takes Another Stab at Ex-Girlfriend Chili's Heart

We all remember the "You Got it Bad" music video that Usher and his then-lovebird Chili (Rozanda Thomas) stared in together. They were R&B's hottest coupling at the time. Well fast-forward 7 years and now Usher is the husband to Tameka Foster and the father to Usher Raymond V. No Chili on the side. [joke]

Usher and his TLC counterpart broke up for a number of reasons--the most prominent being that Usher was unfaithful (which is something he has for all intents and purposes admitted to.) But following Usher and Chili's breakup three years ago, the R&B megastar was quoted saying, "[Chili and I] had a beautiful moment, I love her, and I feel like she still loves me. We will always be friends. Who knows if the relationship would ever be revisited. It would definitely be hard, but I never say never. You never know." Sweet, huh?

Well now that he is happily married with a child, and is one of--if not the--most popular names in R&B, Ush is singing a new tune--one that doesn't sound too pretty.

When Chili was recently quoted, saying "Usher is the only person I ever truly did love. I’m not in love with him anymore, but I can’t say I don’t love him," Usher fired back, saying, "I mean, I think it’s a little unrealistic, I’m married (laughs), I’m not a boy. It’s been three years past, you know? But we all have unrealistic goals too. Like shoot, I will always forever love Katie Holmes and Halle Berry. I don’t feel anyway about it. It does appear maybe to be a plug for something. She got a record coming or something?”

Wow. You cheat on a woman and she has the decency to say she still cares about you after all this time, and you go and shoot her down? That's some class right there. Not to mention, she said she's not in love with you anymore, so what are these "unrealistic goals" you are referring to?

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