Friday, June 13, 2008

Mariah's Diva Status Just Went Up One More Notch

Mariah & Nick

It's Mimi's world, and in her world, a beautiful Carribbean wedding just isn't enough. MC needs a paparazzi-filled, champagne-fountained, five-star saga.

“The small wedding in the Bahamas was nice, but it was not Mariah’s style. The lady loves a spectacle,” said a source familiar with Mariah’s plans.

Well apparently, despite Carey's original plans to go forth with a second Nick Cannon wedding, sounds like the event may not take place afterall.

What on earth could be the issue? Have she and Cannon called it splits already? Ha, shockingly no. Turns out money is the issue. Bitch makes more money than almost anyone, yet she's too diva to shell out her own funds (she must have maxxed out her Black Amex on all those cheap-looking skimpy minidresses she wears).

“Mariah was willing to pay for the wedding, but the way she hoped to pay for the wedding was through the sale of photos. No one was interested,” the source revealed.

Umm yeah, I wouldn't be interested either. People already purchased and published photos from the couples' first wedding, so why would anyone care to see them do the same thing all over again? Not that I know why anyone cared about this publicity-stunted wedding in the first place. Or perhaps people wanted to see the pics as evidence that someone (besides Tommy Mattola) was actually crazy enough to marry Hollywood's 2nd biggest psychobiatch (Naomi Campbell gets the throne).

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