Thursday, June 12, 2008

Perez Hilton's Clothing Line Apparently not a Hot Topic Amongst Consumers

Following in the footsteps of LC, Heidi Montag and Avril, Perez Hilton was the latest pseudo-celeb to come out with an unsuccessful clothing line. The line, innovatively titled "Perez Hilton For Hot Topic," includes neon-colored clothing ensembles and $50 blog-themed flip-flops.

Perhaps his "fans" were too busy reading away on his website to take the time to pay the blogger-turned-clothing designer an in-person visit. According to an employee at the Los Angeles Hot Topic at which Hilton appeared, only seven whopping people showed up to the event, and Hilton was furious. He apparently spent the entire time there making all sorts of ridiculous demands.

"He was a rude royal pain in the ass and BEYOND crass... My manager was trying to get people to come in to meet Perez by handing out $5 gift cards NO ONE WANTED TO MEET HIM!" Says the employee.

"He left around 8:45PM without saying goodbye to anyone and looked like he had been crying like the little bitch he is. We sold a grand total of $6.45 of Perez Hilton items between 6PM - 9PM. My manager has already talked about discounting his ‘line’ !”

Hmm...maybe it's bad karma for talking smack on everyone *else's* clothing lines. Or maybe it's just bad karma for talking smack on everyone, period. Either way, I think it's best Hilton stick to blogging and save the fashion faux-pas' for the people who are going to continue to give him something to write about!

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