Thursday, June 12, 2008

Metallica Fans Are One Step Closer to Finding Their Soulmates...Tupac Fans, Not So Much...

Taste in music surely does play a role in dating and relationships. There have been plenty of guys who I know things would just not work out with because of an unfortunate difference in musical preference. I don’t know why something such as *that* plays such a severe role, but that’s just the way things are. If he can’t handle me bumpin “Wipe Me Down” by Boosie, it’s probably just not going to happen. Okay, okay, I don’t want to make myself sound *too* narrow-minded. It’s not like I *only* listen to rap. I love 80’s (pretty much all 80’s) and I love house and dance. But I really can’t stand metal or hard rock, or…well…rock in general I guess—that is, with the exception of 80’s rock (Journey, Foreigner, Heart, etc..) Monster Ballads and depressing emo crap like Death Cab for Cutie. Okay, but anyway, for those who *do* like rock music (any genre of it), and who happen to be single, is at your disposal.

The 100% free dating site, founded in L.A. in Jan 08 by a man named Daniel House, is reported to “offer an edgier experience, a rock 'n' roll lifestyle-focused questionnaire and a database that allows users to browse profiles by music artist. From AC/DC to ZZ Top, site users have entered thousands of rock artists.”

There are a variety of categories to file your profile under, whether you're into rockabilly, metal, emo, or whatever. And following in the theme of Rock’N’Roll’s rebellious nature, the profile questionnaire offers a few options that I probably won’t find on JDate. Under the smoking category, "420 only" is an option, and under the "here for" section is the brutally honest "purely sexual" response.

"I made a conscious effort to leave certain things out – like a person's ethnicity," House said. "The profile doesn't ask for your hair or eye color – first of all, if you have a picture up, people can see that, and in the bigger picture of things, those things and ethnicity are sort of irrelevant. I also didn't include an income category – that's just obnoxious."

The site allows users to list their favorite artists, all-time favorite concerts, favorite movies, and create a personal concert calendar where users can flag the shows they plan to attend.

Despite not being a fan of Rock’N’Roll or it’s lifestyle, I must say I do think this site is quite innovative and I hope it works for many. I will remain at the edge of my computer seat with the hopes that is formed, following the popularity of this rocker site so that I can meet my fellow Stevie B.-loving-soulmate.

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