Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To Any Virgins That Are Still Out There...J4G Wants You To *Think* You're Not Alone

There's a new magazine on the block. And you can even request free copies! The catch? It's an abstinence mag. And after scrolling through the online pages of the publication, it seems like more of an anti-relationship, anti-anything-physical-at-all mag. Quite entertaining if you ask me! What's even cooler? One section of the mag is solely for the ladies, and then if you flip the thing over, you have the section dedicated to the guys. For more info, or to stock up the goody bags for your next church party, click here


dani.california said...

damnit. i'm too slutty for something. again.

Steven R. Neuman said...

This totally harkens back to your college days ... finding amazing Internet freebies. Army recruiting videos and anti-drug posters.

We have better things to do than drugs!

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