Wednesday, June 18, 2008

…Because Everyone Should Get the Chance to Have a Nationally Publicized Sex Tape, Go to Jail and Desperately Seek a New BFF Via Reality-TV…

Jessica Simpson’s gonna be pissed! I thought her and BFF Ken Paves’ hair extensions were supposed to be the hottest. Silly me, what was I thinking? If it’s got Paris’ name attached to it, then it’s gotta be hot. And on, the heiress states her claim rightfully so:

“Everyone should get the chance to be me. That's why I created the world's hottest hair extensions. Choose from ten fabulous shades and you will be a clip away from hotness.”

I’m so over all these stars promoting fake hair! When’s Kim Kardashian going to start promoting her own line of booty enhancers?

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david santos said...

Happy day.

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