Friday, June 13, 2008

The Celtics Won...Again--And Oh Yeah, I Still Hate the Lakers

Despite the fact that these stupid sporting events get me mildly intoxicated, reeking of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages I cannot recall--and force me to still go to work the next day at 6am--I still do find them fun. But some events are more fun than others. Like Superbowl Sunday is like fun because I can drink beer. fun. but nonetheless, how much do I *actually* care about Superbowl Sunday? [brace yourselves] NOT THAT MUCH. But basketball shit is different. It's fun. a) basketball games are actually exciting, and b) There's usually some teams that my family raised me to endorse.

This year, prime example. For one (I'm going to get shot for this), I've never been a Lakers fan. I will get to that in just one moment, but really, eff the Purp & Yellow. And for two, I've *always* been a Celtics fan (courtesy of my mom), so duh... of course I'm going to root for the Celtics. They were like always considered the "worst" team, so to see them shine--and to see them shine against the crap-ass-trendy Lakers definitely brings a smile to my face (except for at 6am, when baring a hangover courtesy of the latest championship series game).

So back to the whole Lakers thing. I feel like the Lakers possess two types of fans. Real fans (as every team does) and bandwagon fans. I don't think there's any basketball team on the planet that gets more props (and bandwagon love) than the effing Lakers. Yes, they are probably the most popular basketball team. But that's the problem. People think it's sooo cool to dig the Lakers. I guess when you see David Beckham, Jack Nicholson and Demi/Ashton (etc...) at all the games, there becomes a sense of appeal. But if *everyone* were *real* fans, I'd be okay with it. Like nobody gives a flying eff about the Celtics. Even my adorable little Boston-based cousin who I texted last night following the win, couldn't care less. But LAKER "fans" of course care. Everyone cares about the Lakers--because it's one more thing that makes them "L-A"--because it's trendy.


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Michael Mancini said...

I think you make a very valid point about the Lakers. I see that you have a knack for sports knowledge as well as fashion and media.

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