Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is In Touch Weekly the New Star Magazine?

For years it has been known that Star magazine isn't exactly the most reliable of sources when it comes to celebrity "journalism," if that's what you want to consider it. The then-newspaper-like publication used to sit alongside The National Enquirer in newsstands. But Star has reinvented itself within the past couple years, and is now one of the more frequently read tabloids. Still, however, the mag is unanimously known for lots of false reporting.

In wake of big celeb tabloids Us Weekly, OK!, and long-running People reaching the realms of pop-culture within the last 4 or 5 years, other tabloids In Touch and Life & Style hopped on the bandwagon with celebrity gossip pubs of their own. Each likes to claim it's reports are true, but very rarely do these "news" outlets report accurate information. Or at least, not all of them do.

In Touch, the same mag that broke the highly-publicized-yet-false "news" back in November '07 that Britney Spears was carrying JR Rotem's baby, has been caught in two more major examples of false reporting--in just this week alone. One of these situations may even get the mag sued.

Yesterday, the mag's website announced that Vicky's Secret model Miranda Kerr and boytoy Orlando Bloom had called it quits, even going as far as to claim Miranda was spotted making out with Firecrotch-coiner Brandon Davis. Today, Kerr's parents fire back at reports, saying, "Miranda and Orlando have never been closer and are happier right now more so than ever. He's meeting her in Paris next week."

Then today, the mag posted an "exclusive interview" with a woman named Chaton Anderson, who the mag quotes as saying she met John Mayer and that he said his current relationship status was "vague," and that he didn't mention anything about Jennifer Aniston whatsoever. The mag continued with other so-called "quotes," including inferences that Mayer was getting flirty with this woman. Anderson fired back immediately, telling Us Weekly exclusively that she "met John a year ago" and "doesn't understand why [In Touch] would say it was this year." Anderson tells the mag she is considering taking legal action on In Touch, saying this fabricated story is "humiliating."

It looks to me like In Touch is getting itself prepared for a seat on the throne of shady journalism.

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