Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome to TV-Hosting Suckville, Population: 2

MTV has always graced television viewers with the cheesiest, most obnoxious entertainment correspondents ev-er. With the exception of Carson Daly (bless his dear has-been soul), I can't think of one MTV VJ or person associated with that effing channel that I can even mildly tolerate. Ugh. But this just topped it all. I decided to watch The Real World: Hollywood Reunion--and aside from the plain fact it wasn't juicy at all, the suckage was topped off by this dingbat Lyndsey Rodrigues hosting the show, with the help of King of the D-Bags, Carlos (don't know his last name, but he was awful). This idiotic Lyndsey chick is definitely a looker (not gonna lie, she's hot), but she could not remember a single Real World character's name to save her life. She kept screwing up--and she also came off as a huge biatch--and not to mention, in typical MTV fashion, she was just plain and simple annoying [gag me please].

Then you have this tool Carlos chatting it up with Real World fans outside of MTV Studios in Times Square, addressing RW character Joey with a "very important question." "We have a very personal, serious question to ask you, Joey. You may not want to answer it, and that's okay. But we just have to ask." Oh, heavens. What could this question be? "How do you get your hair like that?" [laughter ensues] -- [faux laughter, that is.]

Gawwwd, I can't wait till I get my shot at hosting. I'll show deez hoooeeezzz how it's done ;-)

In the meantime, check out MTV's atrocious disaster right here

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