Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yes, 10-inch Fingernails Exist--Right Here in Los Angeles, in Fact

Look at the above photo, and replace the male in the photo with a middle-aged Black woman. And instead of the pinkish-looking nails like in the above photo, picture a camo-looking color ensemble. And instead of the long, somewhat dangly nails, imagine seven or eight inches of curled nail enamel. Okay, so basically imagine an entirely different photo than the one above. I just had to put that one up for effect. Anyway, the vision I am describing is what my astonished eyes got a glimpse of today in the parking lot of Rite Aid in Studio City while I was sitting in my car, waiting for something to be ready.

But don't think I didn't at least *attempt* to get a photo of this seriously unbelievable site to be seen. I sat there, pretending to type on my cell phone, aiming my phone at this nail freak's hand while she sat there talking on her phone. But I felt like it was too obvious, so I didn't do it. But what was weird was one hand had the long, curled, 10-inch nails, and the other hand was just normal. Guess she probably realized she may have to sacrifice ultra coolness to be able to wipe herself after using the restroom (or pretty much to be able to do anything functional for that matter).

I was so freaked out when I saw this lady's hand. At first I didn't really get what it was, and then I looked closer, and I was like OMG. Scary!!! But yes, those crazy-ass nails exist--and not just in the Guinness Book of World Records!

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