Friday, July 18, 2008

X17 is Desperate For Story Ideas

All these celebrity pregnancy speculations get old after awhile. It's one thing if there are ongoing rumors (from legitimate sources) that a person is pregnant. And it's one thing if someone looks significantly bigger in the tum-tum. But otherwise, questioning the possibility of a star being preggo is just redundant, cliche--and quite frankly, stupid.

Most of these pregnancy speculation stories are all outlandish, but today I have surely found the most pathetic. X17online posted photos this morning on it's site of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon leaving West Hollywood restaurant Nobu last night. The site went as far as to title the posting, "Stop Hating! Is Mariah Pregnant?!?" And went on to list the following ridiculous reasons as to why Carey could perhaps be pregnant:

1) Mariah's puppies look a bit bigger than usual.
2) Nick's being more precious than usual with his wifey, carefully guiding her through the crowd.
3) There's definitely something in the water here in Hollywood!

In response:

a) It's called a push-up bra
b) It's called putting on a loving show for the photogs
c) that may be true, but I'd hardly add that to the list of "evidence" (as the site says) that Carey could indeed be preggers.

Truth of the matter: Carey may very well *be* pregnant for all anyone knows. But even if so, I would certainly not credit any of X17's "creative ideas" for informing me.

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