Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Platinum Pen EXCLUSIVE: The Hills is Even Faker Than You Think!

A Platinum Pen reader reveals to me exclusively that she spotted Lauren Conrad and cohorts on Friday, filming a scene for The Hills on location—on location of a set, that is. Yup, not only are the events and drama on the faux-ality show acted out, but even some of the locations are fake!

My source spotted LC in her black Mercedes in the parking lot of a lighting studio off of La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles. Apparently the parking lot had a fake traffic light set up and the idea was to impose Lauren in her car on the road, having a conversation with someone. Now it all makes sense. I always wondered how they managed to so accurately film those car scenes. Duhhh…because most of them are not actually on the road.

As I watch the updated preview for Season 4 of The Hills (which premieres Aug 18th, FYI), I pretty much assumed everything you see is fake. Although I have to wonder if LC’s crying scenes are real—either that, or she’s really mastered this whole acting thing to a tee. But then again, she does so much crying on the show that she’d have to have mastered that action by now.

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