Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hands Off!

Jabra BT2010 Bluetooth Headset
Cops are about to have a field-day as the hands-free cell-phone law has just been implemented in the state of California. Not sure about everywhere else in the state, but I can assure you that these dumb Hollywood hoezzz are not about to place some freakin plastic piece over their ear and God-forbid risk messing up their extensions. Besides, holding a BlackBerry while rollin in your Benz looks wayyy more fly than holding a wheel. I mean you can not expect us FABulous people to actually start paying attention to the road. Even if we can’t hold our cell phones, don’t worry, we’ll find something else to with our hands. Fix our toupees (well, for guys, that is), pluck our eyebrows (or nose hairs), shave [?]. It doesn’t matter, we’ll fig it.

Cops shouldn’t have a problem meeting their quotas for the next few days, weeks, months…

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