Monday, July 21, 2008

BlackBerry About to Steal iPhone's Thunder

Like computers, phones and other technology continues to advance itself so quickly these days, that even the hottest gadgets can become obsolete in no time.

While the new iPhone 3G has been all the buzz within the past few weeks, Smart Phone connosieurs are about to go wild with the September release of the BlackBerry Thunder. Like the iPhone, the Thunder will feature touchscreen with a sleek interface--as well as the expected 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, HSDPA, mini–USB, full text/MMS support and e-mail. BlackBerry's latest will also follow in iPhone's footsteps with the use of Visual Voicemail. But unlike in the case of Apple's successful communication gadget, the Thunder will use fancy haptic technology to make touching the screen feel like you’re tapping real buttons. It’s all down to some fancy electrical signals, that buzz your finger when you press a specific part of the screen. It’s more advanced than other haptic mobiles, which typically vibrate the whole screen, or even the phone itself, to let you know you’ve hit the key.

Definitely sounds exciting to me!

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