Friday, May 2, 2008

Not a Change of Heart, Just a Different Outlook


So for what I'd say has literally been 50% of my life, I have had a very strong distaste for Gwen Stefani--and I haven't been shy about letting the world know. This began in 7th grade, but stood out especially in 9th grade when I was literally tormented because I hated Gwen. I had an Anti-Gwen webpage, an Anti-Gwen mailing list, and how can one forget: the infamous "" Somehow, someway, all of the Gwen-a-bees (as I think they called them back in the day) from my school found all of my Anti-Gwen-ness on the web and it brought on war. I'm talkin mad dramz. The kind of dramz that goes down when you hook up with your friend's ex. I'm serious. But I stood my ground and stayed true to the fact that I HATED this woman.

Fast forward twelve years later...Gwen is still around, still wearing that weird ass shit she wears, and I still scowl everytime "Spiderwebs" gets a spin on the radio. Yes, I still hate all of her freakin songs (and Hollaback Girl, that DEF includes YOU!), but all music (and fashion)-related biz aside, I have to say I've come to (gasp) respect the lady. And no, not because she is daring with her style and music and blah blah blah. and unique and blah blah blah. Like I said, I still hate that shit. BUT...I respect her as a celebrity. She is never portrayed negatively, she appears to be a great, responsible mother, and she's managed to maintain a consistent marriage for quite some time. Which P.S. that Gavin guy actually seems pretty chill. I'd probably have a beer with him. Plus, his music totally OWNED the movie "Fear." But anyway, I can't hate on a woman who is responsible, who you never see hitting the clubs, and who stays outta harm's way. And quite frankly, in the world of the Lohans, Spears, Hiltons, and Winehouses, I definitely think that counts for something! So bottom line: I'm not going to use "hate" anymore when referring to Gwen.

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