Thursday, May 29, 2008

She’s Come A Long Way From the Glen Oak Community Church Days

Remember Mackenzie Rosman? You know, the adorable little darling who played Ruthie Camden, the youngest daughter on “7th Heaven.” Well, she’s still adorable, but clearly she’s not the same fro-haired, bible-bangin’ youngin we knew and loved. Well no, we still love her. She’s HOTTT. But she’s just obviously grown up—you know, stepped out from the wings of God. Here she is posing sexily in (gasp!) a bra and panties. AND (close your virgin eyes) she’s tonguing some CHICK!

What would Father Camden say about this?!


Matt said...

I think she and Miley should get together and make scandalous picture history together. Ha!

@dge said...

Great Googli Moogli!