Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Today I Chatted With Tori Spelling

On the brink of the 3rd season of her Oxygen-hosted reality show "Tori & Dean," the former (and perhaps re-appearing) Donna Martin shared some words about what to expect this season. I don't watch the show (duh), but I was digging much deeper, for like actual juice. I asked her about the current relationship she has with her mom Candy, and if Mama Spelling would indeed be making an appearance on the show this season. Tori blatantly ignored the question about the status between her mom and she, and in a cold-mannered tone, responded, "No, no, there will be no family appearing on my show. After all my family drama portrayed in the media, at this point, having anyone in my family appear would only seem like a gimmick to get people to watch." (ala Dina Lohan, perhaps??... hmmm....)

She also mentioned that her son Liam loves the camera and hubby Dean chimed in, saying Liam is "a pro."

She's stoked about appearing on the 90210 spinoff and says she owes everything to the original show and all of it's fans. She doesn't know if Donna and David are still married (so it looks like you'll have to tune in to find out [dun dun dun...]).

Lastly, there's nothing she regrets about publishing her tell-all book, "sTORI TELLING," and Jennie Garth is the only original 90210 cast member who she gave a copy to.

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