Friday, May 2, 2008

Mariah Lives Up to Her Diva Rep

It's funny. I just finished a posting about hating Gwen Stefani's fashion and music, but learning to respect her as a person and celebrity. Now, with this post, I'm going vice versa. Let's talk about someone who has (some) decent songs, has a pretty amazing (albeit annoying at times) voice, has o-k fashion sense, but happens to be far too much of a diva and bugs me so much that I don't think I can listen to her songs anymore. Okay, give up? Probably not, considering there is a pic of her right above this text. Anyway, Mariah Carey. What a freakin waste of talent. She just strikes me as the biggest bitch on earth. From the way she acts on stage at various performances, to the way she talks on live interviews.

But here's what really threw me over the edge. This week, Mariah's biggest competition Madonna released her album "Hard Candy," which got fabulous reviews. And Mimi, feeling o-so-inferior went so far to steal the spotlight from Madonna's week, that she went and eloped with boyfriend of like 3 weeks Nick Cannon. Oh, and all of this followed what occurred at the beginning of the week, which was Mariah flashing a huge rock on her finger--of course a huge publicity stunt. And yes, it got everyone talking. So much so that, in fact, people apparently forgot about Madge's album. Now don't get me wrong--Madonna is a diva as well. But she's much more subtle about it. And she's so composed and strong-minded. She has raised the perfect daughter, is in the perfect marriage, and she's never had a breakdown. So yes, of course I am going to be pissed when the Touch My Body singer tries to steal the spotlight from the Material Girl. And for the record Mariah, you may have come out on top with your media whoring, but guess what? The first two singles on your album suck, so we'll see who wins in the end.

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