Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Sex and the City Movie Touched Me In Places I Never Knew Existed

Ok,that was a pun--but a good one at that.

Anyway, would you believe I think I've only seen maybe 2 episodes of SATC in my lifetime? Pretty abnormal, right? And even though I figured the movie itself would be good, I didn't know If I would be able to follow, seeing as I was unfamiliar with the show's past. Well, luckily those 2 episodes I DID see were enough to get me through the plotline. Anyway, the movie was incredible. It was fun, emotional, inspirational and bittersweet. It just made me feel different. It made me miss new York so much and it made me just feel the beauty of what a potential love life and career life would be for me there. I really saw the beauty and passion in the characters' romantic relationships and it just gave me so much to think about. And everything in the movie seemed so realistic. It was just really wonderful and I truly hope everyone has the opportunity to experience the joy and emotion I experienced watching this film. Ahh... Here come the tears.

I guess on a slightly different note, I began to reflect on what a 90210 movie would be like, and it made me sorrowful to think that because the show was so drawn out and because Shannen would probably never agree to return, and because there's some ridiculous spinoff show, I guess a 90210 movie probably will never occur. And then I started to become sad about how dumb the show got during it's final years, and how Brenda really DID run the show and how I never felt the same way about the show following her departure. It's just sad. And that stupid spinoff show makes me sad. How dare anyone try to take away from the impression the original 90210 left on my generation and the one prior. Ugh, I guess I'm rambling and I guess I just get sad over stupid things?

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