Sunday, May 25, 2008

Winston's: Best Music, Worst Service

My roommate and I love Winston's. It's for sure our favorite bar and perhaps maybe even our favorite place altogether. And all of her friends love it, too. We go there a LOT. We love the music. It, by far, has the best music selection of any place I've ever been to--anywhere. BUT... for some reason, Winston's also happens to be the most pretentious of places. The crowd is always pretty pretentious (ok, fine, whatever, we're in LA, that shit happens), BUT...the service is what really irks me. EVERY single time I have been to Winston's, I find the general vibe of the service to be very, very negative. The bartenders are bitches who roll their eyes at you because you are God-forbid taking too long signing your credit card amount with THEIR tip on it. The DJs look at you like you are a freak for requesting a song they *claim* they've never heard of, even though it's right down the alley of the music they are playing. In general, I would say okay, this is expected. This is Hollywood/West Hollywood/LA whatever. But NO! I've been to way hotter spots than Winston's (Area, Les Deux, Opera, etc...) and let me just say that everyone is SO nice, so gracious, so accomodating. I have never had a problem at these other places. The only other place I've had a serious problem with service was at Ritual, but that club is a piece of crap in the first place (which nobody ever goes to), so it is no surprise that the service sucks. But anyway, just wanted to vent after my negative experience last night. What do you guys think? Anywhere you've experienced terrible service when you would have expected otherwise? Sound off in the comments!

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